Prevent Frozen Water Pipes

frozen water pipe

As bitter cold temperatures hit Manitowoc this weekend, Manitowoc Public Utilities (MPU) encourages homeowners and renters to ensure the proper steps have been taken to avoid frozen water pipes.

When water freezes inside pipes, the expansion of the ice can cause pipes to break resulting in flooding and repair expense. The following tips might help homeowners avoid costly repairs:

  • Keep heat in basements, crawl spaces, and utility closets. Open interior doors to allow heat to circulate to unheated areas.
  • If you use heat tapes in trailer homes or homes without basements, make sure they are plugged in and functional.
  • Look for drafts from doors not fully closed or broken windows in basements.
  • Insulate basement sill boxes and other areas where water pipes are located.
  • Open kitchen and bathroom sink cabinet doors to allow heat to get to pipes on outside walls.
  • Exterior faucets should have a separate shut-off valve in your basement. Make sure the inside valve is ‘off.’
  • Know where your main water shut-off is located so if there is a problem, you can shut the water off quickly.

As the weather warms, be on the lookout for leaks inside and outside. A frozen pipe may not leak, but when the ice thaws, a broken pipe could begin leaking.


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