Report an Outage

If you are experiencing a power outage, drinking water emergency, or sewer backup (City of Manitowoc), please contact the appropriate number listed below.

Electric Emergencies: 920-683-4622
Water Issues: 920-683-4633
Sewer Backup (City of Manitowoc): 920-323-0850

MPU also provides dark fiber services to some businesses and government entities. If you are experiencing a dark fiber issue after-hours, please contact our Electric Emergencies line at 920-683-4622.

To contact a MPU Representative during business hours, Monday–Friday from 8:00AM–4:30PM, please call 920-683-4600.

While outage and emergency updates may be posted on Facebook, that is not a reliable medium to report your outage. View any current outage updates here.

Call If You See A Downed Line. All lines can be fatal. Never touch or attempt to move any line. Call 911 or MPU at 920-683-4622 immediately! Keep people away from the line and anything that the line touches (fences, garages, vehicles, buildings, etc.). Be aware that storm damage may hide downed lines. If you are uncertain, then call MPU first.


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