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Great Lakes Utilities

The state of Wisconsin with the Great Lakes Utilities locations marked with yellow stars.

MPU is a member of the Great Lakes Utilities (GLU), a municipal electric company created to obtain low cost and reliable electric power for its members. The goal of GLU is to achieve better rates for member customers by pooling needs and utilizing group purchasing power. By creating a power supply portfolio that combines products and services from multiple suppliers, GLU can continue to offer its customers some of the lowest rates in the Midwest.

This alliance helps MPU meet our future power supply requirements and allows flexibility, helping MPU to maintain autonomy in making power supply decisions. See a map of the 11 members below.

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Central Brown County Water Authority

A map of Brown and Manitowoc Counties showing the route of clean water to Manitowoc

MPU partnered with the Central Brown County Water Authority (CBCWA) to provide clean, safe water to the city of DePere, the villages of Allouez, Bellevue and Howard, and the towns of Lawrence and Ledgeview. The agreement, dated July 20, 2004, assures that for the six communities served by the CBCWA, water quality and quantity will no longer be a concern.

And Manitowoc water customers benefit with rates that will be more stable due to the increased customer base, and state-of-the-art treatment facilities–financed by the CBCWA–to meet its customer demand.

The partnership resulted in new water pumping, filtration, and storage systems at MPU, and a 65-mile water transmission pipeline from Manitowoc to the six communities, delivering 8.2 million gallons of fresh water each day–a $106 million investment for the CBCWA.

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