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MPU is dedicated to educating our customers about conservation measures such as energy and water efficiency. We also provide rebates to help customers purchase products that will increase efficiency and reduce usage.

Not only does MPU focus on customer education and efficiency, we are intentional about considering renewables and efficiencies in our internal projects and power supply. Listed below are multiple initiatives MPU is currently working on, or have recently completed, related to renewable energy and/or conservation.

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Incentives & Programs

MPU is dedicated to providing cost-saving opportunities for our customers related to energy and water efficiency. See below for rebate applications and elective program options.

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Manitowoc Refuel Renewable Project

  Manitowoc Public Utilities (MPU) initiated the Manitowoc Renewable Refuel Project in 2021. This project entails refueling two existing circulating fluidized bed boilers – Boilers 8 & 9 – from burning primarily fossil fuels, such as coal and petroleum coke, to burning 100% Wisconsin-recognized renewable fuel pellets. MPU has been burning this fuel since 1996,

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Generation Facilities

Manitowoc Public Utilities is committed to investing in renewable energy. As a support for that initiative, rooftop solar generation was installed on two water department buildings, including a battery storage system in one of the facilities, in an attempt gain experience with rooftop solar as well as the battery storage. Additionally, MPU built a community

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Community Solar Program

Manitowoc Public Utilities (MPU), in conjunction with GRNE Solar, is building a community solar generation facility on Hecker Road just south of Viebahn Street. MPU signed a lease with the City of Manitowoc to lease the space for solar panels as part of a new community solar program. This program is intended to give customers

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Business Programs

Protect your bottom line with energy and money saving products and services. View more information on Incentives & Programs! MPU is dedicated to providing customer-focused utility services to our business customers. These sources of information can help you learn more about available electric programs for your business. Renewable Choice Program Right now Manitowoc Public Utilities

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Conservation Educational Resources

Energy Conservation

US Department of Energy, energy savers:

A simple way to examine your home’s energy consumption is to complete an online energy audit.There are several free online tools that will provide guidance.

Water Conservation

Some helpful tips to conserve water:

American Water Works Association (AWWA), calculator to measure water wasted due to leaks:

Renewable Energy

The Renewable Energy Program by Focus on Energy:

Education for Kids

Basic information about electricity and other sources of energy is available from the following web site. The website is ‘kid-friendly’ but has good information for adults too!

The following link is another fun resource for kids that provides a vocabulary of water terms and links to informational sites on the water cycle and conservation.

Conservation Videos

Summer Energy Saving Tips
Check out this video on ways to reduce energy consumption on those hot summer days!

Holiday Lighting Energy Saving Tips

Holiday Lighting Display – Main Office
Check out this video on ways to reduce energy consumption during the holiday lighting season without reducing the number of lights!


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