Community Solar Program

A sign in a field announcing the spot for a future community solar power project

Manitowoc Public Utilities (MPU), in conjunction with GRNE Solar, is building a community solar generation facility on Hecker Road just south of Viebahn Street. MPU signed a lease with the City of Manitowoc to lease the space for solar panels as part of a new community solar program. This program is intended to give customers the opportunity to participate in solar without the upfront cost that rooftop solar panels require. Additionally, this site will offer optimal panel placement, which is hard to accomplish on residential homes. This 20-year project is offered to current MPU electric customers. Blocks of solar are available for subscription on a first-come, first-serve basis, in 1KW increments up to 20KW.

Construction Updates

December 2023

When will this project be completed?
The project is anticipated to be completed by spring of 2024.
How large is the facility?
Originally, the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSCW) approved a 1,000 KW facility, but after overwhelming customer interest, MPU filed for an expansion. The PSCW approved the expansion of 1,500 KW.
How can I signup?
MPU is currently forming a waiting list for interested participants. See this flyer for more details.
Where can I find the tariff?
Check out our tariffs here.
Who can I contact to discuss more information?
Please contact MPU customer service at (920) 683-4600.



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