Electric Facilities

An electric worker in a cherry picker working on some electrical equipment

Electric Generation Information

Columbus Street Facility

Manitowoc Public Utilities Installed Generation

Turbine 5 – 22 MW

Turbine 9 – 63 MW

The Turbines are powered by various boiler combinations

Boiler 8 – 200,000 lbs/hr

Boiler 9 – 475,000 lbs/hr

Custer Street Facility

A simple cycle combustion turbine

Custer Street CT – 24 MW

Electrical Distribution Service Information

Manitowoc Public Utilities (MPU) receives power from the electric transmission grid supplemented with power produced from its own generating facilities. The electric transmission system, owned and operated by the American Transmission Company, is arranged in the form of a 69,000 volt “loop” that provides power to MPU, even if one of the transmission lines is out of service.

MPU owns and operates seven substations that convert transmission voltage to 13,200 volts and 4,160 volts for distribution around the city. Using a network of 220 miles of overhead and underground primary power lines, MPU offers electrical service at a variety of voltages to its customers.  MPU also provides street lighting for the City of Manitowoc and security lighting service for private customers who may require such service.

MPU electrical service is nominally provided to a “Service Point” as follows:

  • At the service mast connections on an overhead electric service
  • At the meter pedestal terminations on an underground electric service
  • At the utility transformer secondary terminals for commercial and industrial electric services where a dedicated utility transformer is provided by MPU.
  • At the primary metering point, where applicable for certain industrial services.

All equipment downstream of the “Service Point” is service equipment owned and maintained by the customer as required by State of Wisconsin Electrical Code. View residential diagram drawings.


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