Current Projects

Laying large diameter plastic pipes for water supply

Upgrades and Replacements

2024 Anticipated Watermain Replacements:

  • Replace approximately 1700′ of 10″ watermain on Franklin Street (1928-era watermain)
  • Replace approximately 150′ of 6″ D.I. watermain (1979-era watermain) on Bentwood Lane.
  • Replace approximately 400′ of 6″ D.I. watermain (1979-era watermain) on Barkwood Lane.
  • Replace approximately 200′ of 12″ watermain (1979-era) on Fleetwood Drive.

These replacements are concurrent with City street reconstructions.

A series of pipes
Cross Connection Control

The Manitowoc Public Utilities Cross Connection Control Program is designed to prevent backflow or backsiphonage of contaminated water into the drinking water supply. The MPU program has been around for many years, but has recently been updated in response to changes in State regulations in an effort to better protect potable (drinking) water systems from

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Water flowing from a pipe next to a fire hydrant.
Unidirectional Watermain Flushing

UniDirectional Flushing (UDF) is a method used to clean and improve the carrying capacity of our water distribution system. This cleaning method helps us continue to provide safe, high-quality drinking water to our customers. The water distribution system is set up in a grid-like pattern which allows water to be fed from several directions at

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