Water Forms

a water meter

For new water service connections, service replacements, repairs, or modifications to the service lateral or meter setting, please complete the form below. If you prefer, the PDF can be downloaded, printed, and submitted as well.

Water Service Request Form

Notice to Plumbers/Contractors:

  1. MPU will not authorize any taps on a water main unless a service application is completed and approved.  This application needs to be provided to MPU 3 business days prior to MPU authorizing a tap.
  2. Taps performed by contractors and the connection to the main must be visually inspected by MPU personnel prior to backfilling or covering the connection.  A connection that has not been inspected by MPU shall be required to be excavated for inspection at no cost to MPU.
  3. No connections to water mains or laterals are permitted without prior service application.  All new connections to the water system shall have a metering point installed within 6 months of the connection date.
  4. All water service laterals shall be of undiminished size from the street main to the point of meter placement.
  5. For 1 ½” and larger services, service and supply pipes shall be inspected prior to covering.  Piping that has not been inspected by MPU shall be required to be excavated for inspection at no cost to MPU.
  6. Only authorized utility or city personnel are permitted to operate fire hydrants.  Private hydrants may be operated by qualified inspection personnel, but only with prior authorization from MPU.
  7. Water meters 1 ½” and greater shall have a lockable meter bypass.
  8. All below-grade metering manholes require prior approval by MPU.
  9. The property owner is responsible for protecting the curb stop box from damage.  The curb stop shall be free of dirt and accessible following grading or paving operations.

Pursuant to the Public Service Commission code 185.30, MPU may disconnect, or refuse, service for failing to provide an application.


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