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Billing Policies

Manitowoc Public Utilities is regulated by the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin. As a regulated entity, our billing and collection policies are set by the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin and applied consistently to all customers. Learn more about our billing and collection policies here!

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Payment Options

MPU accepts payments that best fit your ability: in-person at our main office, online through our customer portal, by phone, or through our dropbox. Set up recurring payments so you don’t miss a month. Purchase a Gift Certificate for a friend or relative. Click here to view our Billing Policies.

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Rates & Tariffs

Electric and water rate schedules are furnished each calendar year with your bill or upon request. You can also view the full tariff’s on the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin’s website. Electric Utility Rates New Load Market Pricing Tariff–Revised 8/31/2021 Water Utility Rates Sewer Utility Rates Sewer Utility Rates (Effective 1/1/2024) Rates Comparison Manitowoc Public

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Energy Assistance Information

The Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance (WHEAP) program assists households by lowering the cost of their energy bills. If you quality for WHEAP, you also qualify for the State of Wisconsin’s Weatherization Assistance Program (Weatherization). Read more about these program here.

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How to Read Your Bill

How to Read Your Bill To learn more detailed information about the terms on your bill, please visit our Billing Policies page. Hover over an area and click to learn more information.

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