Customer-Owned Generation

Men installing solar panels on a roof

Customer-owned electrical generators may only be interconnected (parallel generation) with the MPU electric system with the prior approval of MPU. Wisconsin Administrative Code, Chapter PSC 119 codifies requirements for parallel generation. Application forms are available by contacting the MPU Distribution Operations Manager, Steve Bacalzo, at (920) 686-4310 or by selecting the appropriate link below:

For 20 kW or less Interconnection Agreements or Applications

PSC-6029 Distributed Generation Interconnection Agreement (20kW or less)
PSC-6027 Standard Distributed Generation Application (20 kW or less)

For 20 kW to 15 MW Interconnection Agreements or Applications

PSC-6030 Distributed Generation Interconnection Agreement (20 kW to 15 MW)
PSC-6028 Distributed Generation Application (20kW to 15 MW)

Click here to view Public Service Commission of Wisconsin information regarding customer-owned generation.

Solar Frequently Asked Questions

Are there incentives available?
There may be state, or federal, solar rebates and incentives available to you! Visit as well as to learn about available credits and rebates.
Will I save money?
Every solar installation is different. While there are many resources available to evaluate potential cost-savings, here are a few online resources:

Learn more about MPU’s own solar projects. MPU also offers a Community Solar Program, which is an alternative to rooftop solar.



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