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Press Releases

Recent news releases related to power outages and other activities at Manitowoc Public Utilities.

03/28/2019  Congratulations on Excellence in Reliability in 2018
03/25/2019  Winter Moratorium Ending
02/19/2019  Utility Tree Trimming
01/30/2019  Pole Inspections
01/30/2019  Frozen Pipe Prevention
11/27/2018  AMI Contract Awarded
10/10/2018  Power Outage
10/03/2018  Open House - October 11, 2018
08/29/2018  Power Outage
08/22/2018  Electric Rate Reduction
06/19/2018  MPU Reviewing Proposals for AMI
06/12/2018  MEUW Gold Level Safety Award
05/02/2018  RP3 Diamond Level Designation
04/11/2018  MPU Lead Action Levels
04/09/2018  Water Main Flushing Project
03/29/2018  Water Main Break
03/28/2018  Winter Moratorium Ending
02/10/2018  Power Outage & Safety Valve Release
02/08/2018  Utility Tree Trimming

Reports and Information

Annual Financial reports, Water Quality reports, and other important information and brochures.