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Press Releases

Recent news releases related to power outages and other activities at Manitowoc Public Utilities.

06/29/2022  Power Outage
06/14/2022  Power Outage
06/02/2022  Dead-End Water Main Flushing
05/24/2022  MPU Honored for Safety Excellence
05/18/2022  Power Outage
04/04/2022  APPA Reliability Recognition
03/28/2022  Winter Disconnection Moratorium Ending

11/11/2021  Holiday Lighting Exchange
05/24/2021  UDF Project to Begin
03/29/2021  Moratorium Ending
03/25/2021  MPU Awarded APPA RP3 Diamond Designation

Reports and Information

Annual Financial reports, Water Quality reports, and other important information and brochures.