Manitowoc Public Utilities Has a New Look and a New Addition

Manitowoc Public Utilities (MPU) is entering into the new year with an addition to the family and a fresh new look! As of January 1st, the City of Manitowoc Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF) was officially transferred to MPU. This transfer encompasses 15 employees and a wide range of treatment assets. MPU has been managing the WWTF since 2019. What does this mean for the community? Wastewater collection and wastewater treatment are now separate. For collection related issues, such as lift stations, the City of Manitowoc is still the contact. For treatment related issues, MPU is now the contact.

This separation will also flow to the utility bills. MPU has always billed for the costs of wastewater collection and treatment on our monthly utility bill on behalf of the City. In order to separate the funds, customers will now see four line items under the “Sewer” section of the bill instead of two. Two base charges; one for collections and one for treatment; and two flow charges, also separated out.

As part of welcoming the WWTF into the MPU family, we recently completed a rebranding to be able to visually show the community the three core services we provide: electric, water, and wastewater. Although there are many different services nestled under those three, these are our enterprise funds represented by color in the logo: red for electric, blue for water, and green for wastewater. These specific colors directly correlate with the color of the locating flags associated with each service. This rebranding will be a slow rollout, so customers may still see both logos on documents, or vehicles, while we transition. We are proud to be the essential services provider in our community


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