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LSL Replacement Loan Program

MPU is pleased to offer a Lead Service Line (LSL) Loan Program to promote the replacement of LSLs serving properties in the City of Manitowoc!

Lead Service FAQ

The non-compliance of current lead regulations in Flint, Michigan in 2016 has raised concerns within the EPA and WDNR on lead water services.   In particular, it has been demonstrated that the potential for increased lead levels exist when fixing a leaking lead service or when only part of a lead water service is replaced.  Due to this experience in Flint, Michigan, the AWWA and several other organizations have issued policy statements that the goal of all water utilities must be to remove all lead material water service lines.  The WDNR has developed a pro-active approach and approved Principal Forgiveness (PF) funds for municipalities to replace customer-owned lead service lines (LSL) that will result in the complete replacement of the LSL.  MPU applied and qualified for principal forgiveness funding for 2017, 2018, 2021, and 2022.

MPU is currently applying for similar LSL assistance from the WDNR for 2024 and beyond. We hope to have more information on future LSL funding in August 2023. 

MPU was also approved to provide a LSL Replacement Loan Program for customers by the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin in late 2019.  Click here for more information on that program.