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MPU Reminds Customers to Ask For Identification

Besides making sure that your electricity and water supply is safe and reliable, MPU wants to remind you that we are also dedicated to protecting your safety and security.

MPU wants to remind you that all MPU employees carry photo identification with them at all times, and we encourage you to ask for identification before you allow anyone entrance into your home.

Generally, MPU technicians will be wearing an MPU uniform and they will arrive in a bright red vehicle featuring the MPU logo and a vehicle number.  Meter readers cover a lot of territory on foot, so they may not have a vehicle in sight-- but they will be wearing an MPU uniform and carrying photo identification.

If you ever have a concern about allowing an MPU employee to enter your home, you can call (920) 683-4600 to verify that MPU has sent an employee to your premises and the reason for the visit.

Suspicious activity should also be reported to the Manitowoc Police Department at (920) 686-6500.