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Safety Information

MPU cares about your safety so we've put together some tips to keep you and your family safe.

Look Out for Power Lines

Look up and note the location of power lines. You can be seriously injured or killed if you or the object you hold contacts a power line. Even nonmetallic objects can conduct electricity. You must keep at least 10 feet of distance from power lines. MPU will de-energize and re-energize the overhead electrical service to your home or business free of charge during normal working hours if provided with at least one day of advanced notice.

Call before you dig

Digging SafetyState law requires that an excavator (including homeowners) contact Digger's Hotline at least three working days prior to the start of an excavation. It doesn’t matter how deep you are digging – even if you are only using hand tools. Excavation, according to State law (Wisconsin Statute 182.0175) means anything that moves, removes or displaces earth rock or other material in or on the ground.  MPU and all other utilities in the area will respond to your request and locate buried utility lines for you at no cost. Call Digger's Hotline at (800) 242-8511 or by dialing 811. You can also notify Digger's Hotline or obtain further guidance at

Never trim near Utility Lines

Did you know that trees and vegetation can conduct hazardous electric current? Never attempt to trim vegetation growing on or near power lines. Only specially trained and equipped personnel can perform this work when vegetation is within 10 feet of a line. MPU performs trimming to ensure minimum clearance to its lines at no charge. Additional trimming may require you to hire a contractor who is qualified to perform this work. We also include here a copy of our Vegetation Management Policy which outlines our actions for trimming trees and other vegetation management necessary to ensure safe, reliable electric service to our customers.

Call if You See a Downed Line

All lines can be fatal. Never touch or attempt to move any line. Call 911 or MPU at (920) 683-4622 immediately! Keep people away from the line and anything that the line touches (fences, garages, vehicles, buildings, etc.). Be aware that storm damage may hide downed lines. If you are uncertain, then call MPU first!


Always run portable generators outside and away from open windows and air vents. Never run a generator indoors or inside a garage. Deadly exhaust gas can accumulate. Plug appliances directly into the generator's outlet. Use a heavy duty extension cord that is rated for outdoor use. Follow all manufacture's recommendations. As an alternative, you may hire a licensed electrician to connect the generator to your house wiring using an appropriately listed transfer switch system. This will prevent your generator from connecting to utility lines and prevent damage to your generator.

During Power Outages

If you were cooking when the power went out, make sure you have turned off ovens and stoves so that they do not become a fire hazard when power is restored. Turn off or unplug air conditioners and sensitive electronic equipment (electric washers, dryers, microwaves, etc.) to protect them from possible power surges.

Pole Attachments

Utility poles are not intended for non-utility attachments. Unauthorized attachments may present a hazard to you and others. They are also prohibited by City Ordinance. Please do not attach anything to utility poles. For your future reference, here is a copy of our complete pole attachment policy.


If your home is damaged or flooded, then for your own safety, hire an electrician for an inspection. If your overhead service mast is bent or broken, then you will need to have it repaired by an electrician before power is restored. If you see a damaged meter, then call MPU to replace it.