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Current Projects

View our current undertakings for 2018. Contact Steve Bacalzo, MPU Distribution Operations Manager, at 686-4310 for additional information on these projects.


Franklin Street - Pull secondary cables from new, pad-mounted transformers and into manholes. Coordinate outages to transfer customers from vault transformers to new transformers. Remove vault transformers at two vaults and backfill.

Overhead / Underground Electric

Replace failing underground cabling:
A) Approximately 1500 feet of unjacketed, direct-bury, 1979 vintage, primary cable in the 1200 block of East Cedar Avenue.
B) Approximately 1500 foot segment of ornamental street light cabling on South 59th Street.
C) Upgrade 700 feet of overhead line segment in the 3300 and 3400 blocks of Dewey Street.
D) Replace poles that fail visual inspection and are estimated to have less than 2 years of remaining life. An estimated 116 poles will be replaced.