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Economic Development Loan Program

MPU is excited to offer an  Economic Development Loan Program.  The goal of the Economic Development Loan Program is to provide low interest rate loans to new and existing commercial and industrial customers of MPU for the installation of new energy efficient equipment and facilities which will: 1) assist customers in managing rising energy costs, 2) promote economic development and expansion in the City of Manitowoc, 3) preserve the environment, and 4) achieve the energy conservation goals of MPU.

The Program provides applicants with a cost-effective method to assist with the financial requirements for the eligible projects. MPU has committed significant funding to the Program to encourage investment in expansions and energy efficient economic improvements in the City of Manitowoc.  Refer to the brochure below for more information.

MPU Economic Development Loan Program

New Load Market Pricing Tariff

MPU has developed a New Load Market Pricing Tariff (NLMP) for new large commercial and industrial loads.  The rate offers large commercial and industrial customer’s exposure to wholesale market pricing, rather than retail pricing, for new electric loads greater than 400 kW.  New and existing Cp-2, Cp-3, or Cp-4 customers contemplating load additions in excess of 400 kW are encouraged to contact MPU to see if the market pricing strategy might apply.  Pre-approval is required, and customers must affirmatively declare it would not be expanding load absent the NLMP Tariff.  Contracts are limited to a 4 year term, and expected to save successful applicants 20-30% over retail rates. For more information, contact our Key Accounts Manager, Eric Duenkel, at (920) 686-4345.

Click here to view the NLMP Brochure.