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General Information

MPU is dedicated to providing customer-focused utility services. These sources of information can help you manage your electric or water use, or learn more about renewable energy.

Conservation of Energy

US Department of Energy, energy savers:

A simple way to examine your home’s energy consumption is to complete an online energy audit.  There are several free online tools that will provide you energy guidance.

Water Conservation

Some helpful tips to conserve water:

American Water Works Association (AWWA), calculator to measure water wasted due to leaks:

Renewable Energy

The Renewable Energy Program by Focus on Energy:

For the Kids

Basic information about electricity and other sources of energy is available from the following web site. The website is 'kid-friendly' but has good information for adults too!

The following link is another fun resource for kids that provides a vocabulary of water terms and links to informational sites on the water cycle and conservation.  Thank you to the class at the Old Louisville Student Conservation Association for informing us of this great resource!

National Theatre for Children 

Every other year, MPU contracts with the National Theatre for Children, a Minnesota-based organization that uses theatre assembly programs to present a variety of subject matter to students. These programs are presented to elementary schools throughout the MPU service territory and typically reach 2,000 to 2,500 students.