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This 12-digit number consisting of your Customer Number and Account Number is unique to your account. When calling for information on your account, have these two sets of numbers available to assist the Customer Service Representative.

Water and Electric meter information is displayed here.

Your bill shows the amount of water and electricity consumed this month. The "Year Ago" column shows the amount of water and electricity used during the same period last year.

Payments and credits applied since your last bill date will appear here.

Detailed charges for electric usage.

Detailed charges for water usage.

Sewer Service Charges: "DWL" refers to the number of "dwelling units" at the property. The City of Manitowoc is in charge of the collection system. MPU collects these charges on their behalf and remits to them. MPU manages the treatment system therefore has applicable charges for that service.

Conservation information provides details regarding weather conditions, days of service, and average usage for this billing period. Last year's information is also provided as a comparison.

Your current payment due and the date by which the payment must be made in order to avoid a late penalty.

This information shows your payment amount including a 1% penalty if the payment is received after the date shown.

Please write the amount of the payment you are making in this space.