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2017 -2018 Lead Service Line (LSL) Replacement Update

Thank you for completing the Lead Service Line (LSL) survey. Manitowoc Public Utilities (MPU) is currently evaluating all submitted LSL surveys, in an effort to prioritize distribution of limited Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) funding.

Properties are currently being prioritized for replacement funding in the following manner:

1. Schools and licensed daycares
2. Homes bordering water main replacement projects
3. Homes with children six (6) years of age or younger

The WDNR funding is limited. Properties qualifying for funding in 2017 will be notified by MPU for coordination.  If you are not contacted by MPU, your property did not qualify for the 2017 LSL Replacement Program, or the limited 2017 WDNR funds were exhausted.

MPU has applied for additional WDNR funding to replace lead service lines for 2018.  All survey submittals will be retained and, if funding is received in 2018, will be reviewed and prioritized in the above stated manner.   

If you have a lead or galvanized iron water service, we remind you that there are some easy steps to reduce the risk of lead in your drinking water. Please visit for more information.