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Billing & Payments

For your convenience, Manitowoc Public Utilities offers several payment options to fit your needs.

Whether mailing your payment works best for you, or you appreciate the ease of online credit card payments, you can find a solution that fits your lifestyle.


Sign up for E-Billing by logging into your account.

Recurring Payments

You can now setup and schedule recurring payments online through our new Customer Portal.  Click here to learn more about the portal and setting up your account.

Free One-Time ACH

MPU is now providing another payment option to our customers!  Make a FREE online payment by logging into your account at  Choose "Make One-Time Payment" and select the eCheck option.  This is a single payment only and is withdrawn directly from your bank account.

Easy Pay Plan

With the Easy Pay Plan you don't have to write a check or put your payment in the mail or bring it to the MPU office. Your bill will be paid automatically from your checking or savings account. To find out more information, view a copy of our Easy Pay Plan Signup (pdf).

Budget Payment Plan

This plan helps you budget your monthly energy cost by spreading out payments equally over 12 months. This will help you manage high winter bills due to electric heat or high summer bills due to air conditioning. We will average your monthly bills and establish a payment level. Your account will be reviewed every 6 months and the payment will be adjusted to reflect any over-billing or under-billing. For more information or to setup a budget payment plan, contact Customer Service at (920) 683-4600.

Gift Certificates

With a Gift Certificate from Manitowoc Public Utilities, it is now as easy as 1-2-3 to give someone special an unexpected gift that they will truly appreciate.  All you need to do is print out the form and then fill it out. You will then need to send or bring the completed form and your payment for the Gift Certificate to Manitowoc Public Utilities. If you choose to send it in, please use the following address:

Manitowoc Public Utilities
Gift Certificates
PO Box 1087
Manitowoc, WI 54221 - 1087

We will print out a Gift Certificate for the recipient as soon as we receive the completed form with your payment. According to the mailing instructions at the bottom of the form, we will either mail the actual Gift Certificate to you, the purchaser, or directly to the recipient, whichever you prefer.

Pay by Telephone

MPU customers have the option to pay by telephone with a credit/debit card, or bank check.  You can also check account balances.  To access the system call toll free 1-877-653-0380.  You will be asked for your 6 digit customer and 6 digit account number as it appears on your MPU bill.  The system will tell you your account status, and give you the option to pay by phone with a debit card, credit card or bank check.  Please note that a $3.50 convenience fee will apply to each payment made. Final Bill payments cannot be accepted by phone.

This service is only available for Residential Customers for transactions of $500.00 or less.

Credit Card Payments

To pay by credit card log into your account.

This service is only available for Residential Customers for transactions of $500.00 or less.  Please note that a $3.50 convenience fee will apply to each payment made.

Pay by Mail

A return envelope is sent with your bill.  Simply include your bill payment and stub with your check or money order and send it back to us.  The return envelope is missing?  Send your payment to Manitowoc Public Utilities, PO Box 41, Manitowoc, WI 54221-0041.

Bill Payment Stations

For your convenience, Manitowoc Public Utilities billing payments can be dropped off at the following locations:

City Hall:   900 Quay St.
Manitowoc Public Utilities:   1303 S. 8th St.

Understanding Your Bill

Gain a better understanding of the charges and rules that determine your monthly bill. Below is a listing of terms you'll find on your bill from MPU.

How to read your MPU Bill

Billing Period
This is the range of dates between meter readings. Normally, we try to schedule reads every 30 or 31 days, but sometimes due to holidays, weekends, or inclement weather, the billing period could be as short as 25 days or as long as 35 days. A larger number of days on a read will also result in a higher bill, but the following month will be shorter, averaging out to a normal bill.

Account Number
This 12 digit number is unique to your account. When calling for information on your account, have this number available to assist the Customer Service Representative.

Meter Number
This number is stamped on the face of your electric and water meter. If you live in multi-family housing, you can identify your meter by looking for this meter number.

Previous Read, Current Read
These two values are compared to calculate your net consumption for the billing period. Each month, our meter reader records the meter reading, just like you would record the odometer reading on your car before taking a trip. These dials are never reset.

Some meters have a multiplier. Most commercial and industrial accounts will have a multiplier value based on the metering arrangement. Most residential accounts where the electric meter is in the basement, and a remote register is located outside, will have a multiplier of 10.

Rate Schedules
Applicable rate schedules are furnished each calendar year with your bill or upon request. You can also view rate schedules and learn more about electric or water tariffs on the Public Service Commission's website.

Utility Tariffs
 Water Utility Rates - Download PDF  |    Electric Utility Rates - Download PDF

PCAC -Power Cost Adjustment Clause
The adjustment reflects the increase and/or decrease of the current months cost of coal and or purchased power from the amount included in the energy charge.

This is the measure of your water use. One CCF equals 100 cubic feet of water. One cubic foot of water is equal to about 7.5 gallons.

Kilowatt-hours is the measurement of electric use. One 100 watt light bulb burning for ten (10) hours will consume one kwh.

Public Fire Protection
This user fee is based on the water service size, and covers the cost of water mains and hydrants used for public fire protection in the City.

Heating Degree Days, Cooling Degree Days
This a measurement of relative weather trends, comparing last year's billing period to this year's billing period. Heating degree days reflect the sum of the average daily temperature below 65 degrees Fahrenheit for the billing period. Cooling degree days is the sum of the average daily temperature above 65 degrees Fahrenheit for the billing period.

Public Benefits
This is the fee each customer contributes toward energy efficiency, energy assistance, and weatherization programs offered in the community.

Service Charge
This is the monthly fixed meter charge per tariff.

Late Payment Charge
This is a 1% charge added to the unpaid balance if the bill is not paid within 20 days.

Sales Tax
A 5% sales tax charge is added to electric charges only. Residential accounts are exempt from sales tax during the winter months of November through April.

Cut-off & Reconnections
If your account is past due, you will receive a disconnection notice printed in RED on your MPU bill. The notice clearly indicates when payment is required, and the amount necessary to avoid disconnection. Service may be disconnected on or within 10 days of the disconnection date printed on the notice.