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Donation Policy Committee

The employees of MPU work side-by-side with the residents of the City of Manitowoc and appreciate opportunities to strengthen our community. In order to responsibly contribute to our community, MPU will consider requests for donations from community organizations which benefit the lives of the majority of citizens within the corporate city limits of the City of Manitowoc. The Policy will be carried out by a Donation Policy Committee comprised of MPU employees.

MPU requests that an on-line application be filled out to start the process. For details of the MPU Donation Policy, please click to access the policy statementDonation requests will be evaluated on the criteria listed in the following questions.  The DPC will evaluate the responses to these questions in conjunction with the DPC Policy Statement.

  • Is your organization a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt charitable organization?  DPC requires organizations have 501 (c) (3) status to approve any donation request.  Religious or Political organizations are not eligible for donations.
  • How long has the organization or program been in existence?  DPC requires that organizations be in existence for 5 or more years to approve any donation request.
  • Is the organization based in Manitowoc?  DPC requires the organization be based in the City of Manitowoc to approve any donation request.
  • Does the program support youth and where are they from? Preference is given to programs that support youth in the City of Manitowoc.
  • Approximately how many youth will benefit from the services? Preference is given to programs supporting larger numbers of youth.
  • Where does the program or event take place?  Preference is given to programs or events in the City of Manitowoc.
  • Does the organization charge an admission fee, registration fee, or other fee to attend the event or use the service offered?  Preference is for NO fees for the recipients of the organization's services.