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AMI Project Status Updates

Beginning on Monday, August 5, technicians from Allegiant Utility Services will begin replacement of electric meters in the City of Manitowoc. The third party contractor will be operating white pick-up trucks with “Subcontractor for Manitowoc Public Utilities” signs on the doors. Customers will receive notification via US mail of approximate dates in which the contractor will be in their area.

During the meter replacement, the technicians will carefully inspect your meter socket and service entrance for any damage or deterioration that can occur over time. Serious concerns, such as bad connections, will need to be addressed immediately by a licensed electrical contractor. Costs of any repairs are borne by the property owner. Other concerns such as loose meter sockets and loose service masts will not need to be fixed right away, but the homeowner will be sent a letter requesting repairs made within 30 days. The emphasis is on safety for both the occupant and the technician.

MPU has issued a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to identify licensed certified electrical contractors who are interested in performing repair and construction services in the City of Manitowoc to aid our customers in locating reputable contractors to repair their equipment. The list of these qualified contractors will be posted to our website at when finalized.